Horizontal spooler
Traversing bobbin for material-gentle winding
Winding plant
16-fold winding unit at the end of a heat treatment line
Drawing block
Drawing block for wire diameter up to 13 mm
Draw winder with barrel winder
Wire drawing machine with optional wire laying on spool or in barrel
Rewinder with spool clamping
4 winding positions for bobbins up to 1.500 kg and a width of 400 - 840 mm
compact vertical winder
Spooler for wire diameters of 0.2 - 2.0 mm
Drain turntable
Driven drain turntable for crown sticks and barrels
Horizontal spooler
Traversing bobbin for weights up to 1.000 kg
Horizontal pulling machine
Pre-drawing machine for installation in front of multi-stage presses
3-fold winder
Modular winder behind a furnace line
Winder with passing disk
Very compact machine housing
Precision winder
for the best possible results when laying the wire
Precision dancer for extra-fine wires
Actuator controlled dancer for optimal regulation of wire tension