Think projects holistically, act methodically

We listen and ask. In order to advise our customers in the best possible way, it is important to us to understand their individual problems and wishes. Only with this knowledge and our experience can we optimally advise our customers. Because not everything that is technically feasible is meaningful and necessary.

The machine operator is always the focus of attention. His findings from daily work with the machines often provide important information for optimization. The consideration of work processes and the working environment is incorporated into the design of new machine developments. Only those who enjoy working with their tools are prepared to work productively at the highest level in the long term.




New possibilities

For many of our customers, specialization plays an increasingly important role in differentiating themselves from the competition in the global market. We supply you with the necessary tools to ensure that you are well equipped for the future. Our own research projects and cooperation with technical colleges and universities ensure that we have access to the latest technologies and manufacturing processes.

The use of state-of-the-art control technology ensures an increase in efficiency through higher productivity with a lower error rate and downtimes.

Development / Manufacturing


For us, “Made in Germany” is still not only a commitment to Germany as a development and production location, but also a decision for high-quality products designed for longevity.

Environmental friendliness and sustainability play an important role in product development. Short distances, the use of environmentally friendly paints and the reduction of energy consumption are just a few of the ways in which we can optimise our products.


Dancer development


Actuator controlled dancer for optimal regulation of wire tension and improvement of wire running characteristics. Developed for tensile forces between 0 – 550 cN.

The main advantages of this system are the infinitely variable yarn tension, the small dimensions and a significantly higher precision compared to pneumatically controlled dancer systems. Another improvement is the robust design of the dancer.


Coil brake development


For a multi-coil tubular stranding machine with extremely limited space, a solution concept for a coil carrier with integrated coil brake was to be developed.

Depending on the filling level of the bobbin, the thread tension of the wire also changes. In order to counteract the associated problems such as wire breakage, we have developed a coil carrier with dynamic coil braking. The braking torque, which is adapted to the filling level of the bobbin, enables the rotation speed of each individual bobbin to be optimally decelerated.

Machine modification


The reasons for converting or expanding an existing plant can be many and varied:

– Performance enhancement measures to increase productivity (larger drives)
– Change of the production program (new dimensions for spools or wire diameters)
– Improvement of ergonomics and work safety (electrically operated hoods and doors)
– Conversion to new technology (software update)
– Machine defect (failure or wear)

Whether and in what form a conversion pays off for you according to technical and economic considerations always depends on your requirements. With a machine check, we can show you the possibilities for optimizing processes and planning workflows.

Discuss your project with us. We will be glad to help you.


Repair of drawing discs


From old to new!

Our repair service takes care of the overhaul of your used drawing discs.

The surface quality of the drawing wheel has a decisive influence on the quality of the wire. Depending on the number of operating hours and the materials to be processed, shrink holes, notches or impact edges on the drawing wheel leave embossing marks in the wire. Frequently, however, this is not yet a reason to reject the drawing die.

Reconditioning by means of a metallic or ceramic coating of the drawing and target discs can be carried out on almost all drawing disc types and sizes, so that the function of the disc is 100% restored after reconditioning.

Let us make you an offer and convince yourself!

Manual Error analysis for fine wire production

Now it’s done! The manual is finished. We were very pleased to have been involved in the conception and design of the manual. With this handbook, initiated and published by netzwerkdraht, we would like to give all interested persons and in particular employees in the wire processing industries a deeper insight into the complex process of fine wire production. The handbook is designed as a working manual and guide.
There are plans to publish another handbook on the subject of drawing / drawing dies.

A look inside the book:

Das Handbuch ist zweisprachig in deutscher und englischer Sprache erschienen und kann unter der folgenden Adresse bestellt werden.

Stefan Szkudlapski

Eibenstr. 18
58640 Iserlohn
Telefon 0 23 71 – 46 88 6
Telefax 0 23 71 – 46 99 5


Drawing-in pliers sheathing


The sheathing of the drawing-in pliers is a very efficient method of protecting the surface of the drawing wheel. The unavoidable impacts of the pulling tongs on the drawing disc are significantly reduced by the impact-resistant coating. By means of a special casting process, a rubber-like protective layer is permanently applied to the tongs, which contributes significantly to extending the service life of the drawing wheel and the drawing tongs. Cost- intensive overhauls/repairs of the drawing discs can thus be reduced, at best avoided. We offer the sheaths for 9 different drawing-in pliers sizes.

Drawing-in pliers size:
Size 1: Wire diameter from 0 – 2. 7 mm
Size 2: Wire diameter from 0 – 5. 0 mm
Size 3: Wire diameter from 0 – 7. 5 mm
Size 4: Wire diameter from 0 – 10,0 mm
Size 5: Wire diameter from 0 – 13,0 mm
Size 6: Wire diameter from 8,0 – 17,0 mm
Size 7: Wire diameter from 10,0 – 22,0 mm

Features of the sheathed pliers:
– Easy exchange of pliers
– Unchanged handling
– Noise reduction with reversing pulling pliers
– Edges deburred, pleasant haptics
– Gentle on material

Maximum protection can be achieved by the additional use of a chain cover. We offer these chain guards for pulling pliers from size 4.

The protective covers are available in 0. 5 m and 1. 0 m lengths.

We will be happy to provide you with prices for pulling pliers, coatings and protective sleeves on request.

Used drawing tongs can also be retrofitted.

For further information please call us or send us an e-mail.

Einziehzange Draht


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The aim of the association is to draw attention to the globally unique concentration and expertise of the members in the region and to increase their competitiveness through exchange and cooperation between the participating companies.

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